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Friday, May 2, 2014

Is Google+ A Bad Idea For Your Business? 5 Ways You...

Google Plus is Hurting Businesses and you Could be One of Them! 

Are you and your company active on Google Plus? If you aren't you Need to Be! 
Google is determined to remain the leaders in Search Engine Functionality. 

Google is changing the way they bring results to your Google search. When you type something in a Google search you do not like to see irrelevant information. It is a time waster, and of no use to you. If you are searching for a "barber" you like to see not only barbers show up, but barbers that are close to where you are, phone number, website, hours, reviews, and so on. The launch of Google Plus has made it easier than ever to get the exposure you need for your business in your local market.

What are the 5 ways to use use Google Plus effectively? Lets find out!

#1 - Google Plus is becoming a very powerful search engine. 
When you +1 posts, pages, communities, or comments, Google picks this up as "relevant" information being shared publicly. Why does Google care so much about this? Because Google+ is powered by the most powerful search engine on the planet... Google! Remember, Google loves Google products!

#2 - Why Google Plus vs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...?
In less than 2 years Google+ has become the 2nd largest social media platform. What does this mean? It means that in 2 years from now, who will be the Most Powerful? I believe it will be Google+. How can you benefit? By getting active on Google+ now, you will be able to more easily create a dominant presence for your Google+ Profile, Page, or Community. But you better hurry, the word is getting out!

#3 - Google Plus can be your central hub:
With your Google Plus account you can link it to all of your Google products. YouTube, Hangouts, Communities, Maps, Blogger, and many others! This is a solid way to enhance your marketing strategies bringing the power of many social channels into one account and location.

#4 - Have you noticed pictures of people popping up next to Google Search results?
What does this mean? It means they are gaining authority in Google search and being recognized as the expert on that topic. Make sure you link your Google Plus profile to your blog and setup Authorship. If you have a Google Page for your business you will want to link you website to that page and set up Publisher. I will go into more detail on the differences of each in my next blog post. Stay tuned:)

#5 - Build your brand in many different communities!
No other social platform allows you to build your brand in so many different channels as Google Plus does. You can establish your branding in your Google plus page, profile, communities, blog, YouTube, and so much more. Get the power of exposure quickly and efficiently.

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